About Me

Kimberly McGraw lives in Northwest Indiana with her husband, three daughters and a spoiled rescue named Fable.

THE LAST BROTHER is her first published book, a thriller written for a James Patterson Masterclass contest. She is currently working on four separate books with the hopes of having one published soon.

Kimberly also runs a Lifestyle and Travel blog, Life Worth the Living, where you can get to know her and her family on a more personal level.

Note from Kimberly…

Writing has always come easily for me. I honestly cannot remember a time when I was not writing. Or dreaming of writing. Or telling my mom about the current story.

But just because something is a passion does not mean it’s necessarily golden. That it shouldn’t be cultivated. In fact, if there is anything I have learned in the past few decades of writing, it’s that not everything you write is meant for an audience.

Every piece I write is a stepping stone to another story that is richer, stronger, and better than I’ve written before.

My point is this: right now, I am pretty proud of my work. However, I know my skill as a writer can always improve. And I intend to improve. With every book I read and every sentence I put to paper.

So if you stick with me, I promise, the journey will only get sweeter.